Timea Popovics

Timea Popovics

Marketing Manager

Meet Timea (Timi), our Marketing Manager, who shares her passion about trade shows, and talks about the responsibility that comes with being in a position to influence cultural change in the construction industry.


I moved into the newly created Marketing Manager role at Quelfire in 2017 when the fire safety industry, manufacturers of passive fire protection products in particular, started experiencing increasing interest and scrutiny following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

I find the construction industry and the passive fire protection sector particularly relatable, as with our hard work we all contribute to saving lives. I am especially excited about being able to contribute to the cultural change the construction industry is currently going through.

Before joining Quelfire, I worked in various other sectors, gaining experience in different fields of marketing and learning from some great mentors. Working on the client side as a marketer gives us the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the industries the company is operating in. I became Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM) in July 2021 and I’m currently working towards my Chartered Marketer status.


I have overall responsibility for Quelfire’s marketing strategy to support the growth of the business, to maintain high standards of customer experience and to build the Quelfire brand. No day is the same in the life of the Marketing Team. Rebecca, our Content Executive, and I are working on planning and building our content to ensure information is up-to-date and our messages are consistent across all our channels. This includes our website, our social media platforms, and industry publications.

I continuously improve our website to enhance visitor experience and to generate enquiries for the sales team. I manage our exhibition presence and increase awareness for our training opportunities. I keep in touch with external agencies and marketing suppliers. We work closely together with management and support all other departments from R&D through customer service to sales.

Favourite projects

I think everybody at ‘Team Orange’ knows that I have a weakness for organising our presence at trade shows. All areas of marketing are involved in the preparation, and they require complex coordination, but it is very rewarding to see the end result.

These are the best opportunities for us to personally meet our existing and potential customers, have some more informal conversations, gather feedback from them and exchange information about trends and challenges in the industry. They are also perfect platforms for educating the industry about the importance of passive fire protection and early engagement.

What she likes about working for Quelfire

I love that every single member of the team – from management through to customer service and production – is passionate about what we represent and is willing to contribute to the success of the company with their own ideas.

What she enjoys doing when not working

Being multicultural and multilingual myself, I have a deep appreciation and interest for different cultures, and I love learning new languages. From time to time, I also like to put on my dancing shoes and lose myself in Latin music.