Timea Popovics

Timea Popovics

Marketing Manager

Meet Timea (Timi), our Marketing Manager, who shares her views on what the role of a marketer is, and talks about two of her favourite projects so far; FIREX and the renewal of the Quelfire website.


I have joined Quelfire late in 2017 during a very exciting time, when the company started to witness exceptional growth, which has already enabled me to complete a few very interesting projects.

I have worked in a number of different sectors in the past 10 years, gaining experience in various fields of marketing and learning from some great mentors. Working on the client side as a marketer gives us the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of the industries the company is operating in. I find the construction industry, especially the passive fire protection sector, exceptionally relatable as with our hard work we all contribute to saving lives.


I see my role as a service, dedicated to evaluating the needs of both the company’s existing and potential customers, as well as my internal customers; the account management and sales teams and ensure those needs are met to the highest standards possible. To achieve this, I am coordinating all things marketing ranging from managing the website and social media content through arranging events to ensuring all our printed materials are up-to-date.

Favourite projects

I absolutely enjoyed revamping our website to ensure we provide the most relevant information to both our existing and new customers and making it as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for. Of course, this is a never-ending project! Another one of my proudest achievements was the coordination of our presence at FIREX, I found it very rewarding to see every piece of work I’m doing, from planning the stand through promoting the event to briefing the sales team, getting together as a whole to represent Quelfire.

What she likes about working for Quelfire

I love that every single member of the team – from the management through customer service to production – is passionate about what we represent and is willing to contribute to the success of the company with their own ideas. Every single employee’s success is the company’s success and vice versa!

What she enjoys doing when not working

Being multicultural and multilingual myself, I have a deep appreciation and interest for different cultures, and to understand them through their languages in particular, currently I am studying French and Spanish.