Alec Purdie

Alec Purdie

Technical Sales Coordinator

Meet Alec, our Technical Sales Coordinator, who is generally your first point of contact for technical enquiries. He tells more about his extensive experience in technical support and about his toughest challenge: encouraging a more proactive approach in the passive fire protection industry!


I have recently Joined the Technical Team at Quelfire in February 2020, embarking on a new and exciting career in the world of Passive Fire Protection. Over the course of my work history, I have managed to be involved in a variety of different roles and experiences, which have helped me expand my knowledge across a wide scope of subjects. After leaving school, I joined the British Army in the Royal Corp of Signals as a telecommunications specialist. My 8 year military service allowed me to learn about and work technically with many different communication systems, work in several different countries and complete 4 operational tours in the Middle East. My knowledge of certain communication equipment was the reason I was approached to work for NATO and run a technical helpdesk in Afghanistan. Here, I was able to provide technical support, install communication equipment, perform repair and maintenance, and also provide training. The training became so successful, that I was able to develop and run a training course in the NATO School for Signals in Latina, Italy. I finished my time with NATO in 2015 and joined the technical department at Industrial Scientific, who specialise in the field of gas detection. Although this was a new area for me, I was quickly able to expand my knowledge and was able to once again provide technical advice, equipment installation, and on site training. During my time here, I not only increased my technical experience and understanding, but began to look more in to the scientific and chemistry side of applications and processes. These areas are something I am keen to continue to explore at Quelfire, and help in my mission to provide the best technical support I can for members of the firestopping community.


My current role is to provide technical assistance for the Passive Fire Protection Industry by providing them with our tested solutions to different applications for their existing or new projects.

His biggest challenges and how he overcomes them

The hardest challenge at the moment is trying to help change the view on fire protection in general from a reactive response to a more proactive approach. Unfortunately, not every scenario can be tested, and applications where no thought has been taken on how service penetrations will need to be efficiently fire stopped, usually end up causing delays, and frustrations between installers and main contractors. Ultimately, they require an untested detail that needs a qualified fire engineer to make a judgement to make it compliant, which  then means more costs. Changing this way of thinking is my hardest challenge, but hopefully, by doing more work with design teams, architects and main contractors in having a new forward thinking approach, my hardest challenge will become my most rewarding success 😊

What he most enjoys about his job

I enjoy that every day is different, every enquiry brings its unique challenges and rewards. I also enjoy expanding my knowledge in a complex field and being able to use this knowledge to benefit others.

Favourite projects

I enjoy working with our research and development team and seeing our existing product scope being extended in more and more application types. I am extremely excited about future ideas and plans we have . . .  Watch this space!!!

What he likes about working for Quelfire

I enjoy working with an exceptional team that works as a well oiled machine, where everyone realises that every cog (person) is vital for the machine (Quelfire) to perform successfully.

What he enjoys doing when not working

I have been lucky to have been able to explore a wide range of experiences that interest me from outdoor activities such as rock climbing, parachuting and kayaking to traveling across many parts of the world to experience different cultures and witnessing fantastic sites such as the northern lights, the grand canyon and many fine examples of architect and art that the world has to offer. Currently, I mostly enjoy spending time with my daughter, allowing her to experience new and exciting things, and teaching her skills and rewarding lessons in life.