To support early engagement and ensure compliant and achievable installations, we offer toolbox talk training tailored to you and the product you wish to install. These can be conducted either virtually on Zoom or Teams, or on-site if required.

Who Is The Training Aimed At?

The training is primarily aimed at M&E contractors but is highly beneficial for anyone needing on the job training or looking to educate themselves on correct PFP product installation. It is particularly popular for trades that are non-accredited such as electricians for Putty Pads to sockets; M&E for QWR Fire Collars to ventilation ducts and RC frame contractors for QuelCast Cast in Collars. The main aim is to make sure an installer knows what a product looks like correctly installed and to reiterate the significance of doing it right the first time around.

The session typically takes around 20-30 minutes with the first half of the session giving you a basic background of who we are, what passive fire protection is and how products are tested, followed by how they should be installed. Upon completion of the session, you will get a certificate of attendance.

What The Toolbox Talk Training Covers?

What The Toolbox Talk Training Covers?


  • Who Quelfire are
  • What passive fire protection is
  • Why is your chosen product required



  • How are products tested
  • How they should be installed
  • A chance for any questions to be answered