The QuelStop Firestopping System is the ideal solution for firestopping mechanical and electrical service penetrations as it has been tested in the most common, and even some less common, applications.

Though it may just seem like any other firestopping system as ones seen throughout the fire industry, what makes the QuelStop System special is the wide range of tested details offered, our value-added services, and the early engagement approach that we use.

The QuelStop System comprises of:

  • QuelStop Fire Batt
  • QF2 Fire Protection Compound
  • QuelStop Acrylic Sealant
  • QuelStop HPE Sealant
  • QuelCoil Continuous Intumescent Pipe Wrap

They are also suitable with other Quelfire products, such as fire collars and fire sleeves.

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What supports the QuelStop System?

Tested as a complete system

The QuelStop Firestopping System has been tested as a complete system, meaning that the high-quality, individual products are compatible to use with each other. The fact that the products are made in the UK, provided by a single supplier, and tested and supported with full technical back-up  ensures compliance of the design and performance of the installation.

Wide range of tested details

We believe that a building needs to be designed around tested solutions. We are extremely dedicated to providing firestopping solutions for real-life scenarios, based on valued customer feedback and trends on the market. This ensures that there is a tested solution for most service penetrations and ultimately, helps to contribute to safer high-rise and multi-occupancy buildings.

Value-added services

Our technical department is speedy, friendly, and professional, and provide extensive technical support from planning through design to installation.

We have created the QuelSelector Firestopping Solution Finder Tool to support customers when navigating through our library of tested details.

In addition to our tested details, we have other technical documentation to support design and specification: NBS specifications, BIM models, tested detail drawings and product datasheets, and provide installation guides and educational videos.




Early engagement approach

To ensure the system gets designed and installed as per the test evidence, we have designed an early engagement process that supports all parties involved from design to installation: main contractors, architects, specialist engineers, firestopping contractors, and other trades.

At the beginning of the design stage, the process starts with an early engagement consultation with the main contractor which aims to identify the needs of a project with a view of putting together a package of standard installation details to suit.

We also collect information from our Information Collection Form (ICF).

During the build stage, we provide support with training such as Toolbox Talks, and with building sample boards and demo walls.