Bill Swindell

Bill Swindell

Compliance & Quality Manager

Meet Bill, our Compliance & Quality Manager, who talks about implementing systems that will take Quelfire's credibility to new heights.


Before becoming self-employed and joining Quelfire, I worked in a family business supplying artists’ materials – looking after the website, stock control and warehouse systems.  Many years ago, I went to Bolton School, studying things like Maths and Latin.


We are on the journey to ISO9001 accreditation, and I am coordinating the systems and processes to meet the requirements.

What he most enjoys about his job

Learning how the business operates and seeing colleagues pull together to satisfy customers’ needs. Quelfire is a lively, happy team, with good rapport between the offices and warehouse colleagues.

Favourite projects

Helping to implement systems that will take the efficiency and credibility of the company to new heights, and organising documents and monitoring processes to give optimum efficiency and accountability.

What he likes about working for Quelfire

Being part of a vibrant team in a vigorous business.

What he enjoys doing when not working

I enjoy spending time with friends and family.