Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Finance Team Leader

Meet Michelle, who oversees all Quelfire’s financial activities and ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded and filed, as well as keeps the management up to date with financial data and reporting.


I joined Quelfire in 2015 after management had changed and a need for more rigorous financial control emerged.


My current role involves working with sage, sales and purchase ledger, reconciliation of direct debits, credit cards and bank accounts, controlling credit, and ensuring debtors pay on time. I also work closely with senior management; I continuously provide them with timely and accurate financial information, as well as suggestions to improve financial reporting systems and processes.

What she likes about working for Quelfire

All members of staff are appreciated and respected by management which creates a very relaxed yet productive atmosphere in the office.

What she enjoys doing when not working

One of the activities I enjoy doing most in my free time is playing the piano and the clarinet. I started learning them when I was very little and kept an interest in practising throughout my life.