Rebecca Croton

Rebecca Croton

Content Marketing Executive

Meet Rebecca, who talks about her studies and the responsibilities that come with creating content in the passive fire industry.


I studied English and Journalism at the University of Chester. After graduating in 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I worked at Tesco for a year whilst applying to all writing jobs. Not without a challenge from the world we found ourselves in, I finally got my first graduate job, as a junior copywriter, in 2021. I spent the year working from home and gaining some experience. The opportunity to work for Quelfire presented itself at the start of 2022, where I now work in the marketing department, learning all about the passive fire industry.


My role involves creating content for our target audience within the passive fire industry. This could be blogs, articles, social media posts, videos, or press releases. I work closely with the technical and sales team to make sure our customers have all the up-to-date information about our products, tested details, and any other information that they might need. My key responsibilities are developing my knowledge on SEO to improve site visibility and making sure that Iā€™m creating content that is clear, accurate and unambiguous ā€“ in accordance with the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).

What she most enjoys about her job

I enjoy brainstorming sessions when ideas start to come together and then being able to take them away and create relevant content.

What she likes about working for Quelfire

There is a real team spirit at Quelfire, it is a super friendly place to work. Everyone is passionate about firestopping and are willing the share their expertise.

What she enjoys doing when not working

I come from a big family so, naturally, I enjoy spending time with them. But when Iā€™m not, Iā€™m either with my friends, reading a book, or out for a run. I also love trying different foods (always makes the best of conversations!) and travelling to new places; a recent trip I took involved hiring a car and exploring Tuscany, Italy. The key is to always have something to look forward to!