CPD Training on Effective Passive Fire Protection

As part of our mission to educate the construction industry about the importance of passive fire protection, we offer a CPD training titled “Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings”.

The training is primarily aimed at specifiers but is highly beneficial for anyone involved in the design or management of the installation of passive fire protection solutions; architects, designers, contractors, project managers, consultants and surveyors.

The CPD raises awareness of the importance of early engagement thus ensuring compliant installations and enables effective design and specification of complete passive fire protection systems. The training also provides an overview of solutions available and what to look for to ensure suitability and compliance.

We offer the face to face presentation to architect practices, main contractors and other organisations that are involved in the specification of passive fire protection systems and that can bring in at least 10-12 delegates to the training. The session typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes and is held by one of our fire containment specialists. It is generally held at your premises, but if our Sandbach location is convenient for you, we can also accommodate it.

What does the CPD training cover?

  • Why passive fire protection is so critical
  • The concept of fire compartmentation
  • What is intumescent material and how does it work
  • The importance of test evidence and certification of passive fire protection products
  • The 5 key areas of passive fire protection
  • A brief overview of linear gap seals
  • A detailed overview of service penetrations: pipe & duct penetration sealing, electrical service penetration sealing
  • Products and solutions available on the market and criteria to be considered when choosing a suitable firestopping solution
  • Examples of poor and good installation
  • Q&A session to dispel some myths and answer queries

Request a CPD training

The CPD training is now available online!

For individuals and companies with potentially less than 10 delegates, for those who missed our live CPD and for those who don’t have the time to attend one, we now have an online version of our Effective Fire Protection CPD training available! The 45 minutes video material – split into 5 sections – covers the same topics as the face to face CPD training and you will still have the opportunity to submit your questions or enquiries at the end of the presentation. You will simply need to enter your details to get access to the videos and start learning.

To watch the online CPD, click here!

Download information sheet about our CPD training: