Penetration sealing

Does TracPipe need to be sleeved?

In Clause 8.7 of TracPipe's guidelines it states that where it passes through a wall or floor, it should pass through a sleeve.

Penetration sealing

Can you ‘mix and match’ components from different manufacturers?

You cannot mix and match components from different manufacturers; it is very unlikely that the different products have been tested together.

Penetration sealing

Considerations when firestopping CPVC pipes

We are frequently asked why, when firestopping around a CPVC sprinkler pipe, only approved material can be used.

Penetration sealing

Should plastic ducts be tested the same as metal ducts?

Plastic ducts rely on the reactive penetration seal material to expand in order to close the area of the pipe.

Penetration sealing

What is the working life of the QuelStop System?

Whilst manufacturers may offer a projected life expectancy, currently there is not a standard to measure these projections against.

Fire Science

What is the fire triangle?

The triangle illustrates the three elements a fire needs to ignite: heat, fuel and oxygen.

Penetration sealing

What is the difference between active and passive fire protection?

To achieve best fire protection for people residing in a building you will need to have the perfect harmony between both systems.

Penetration sealing

What is the difference between a classification report and a test report?

In short, a Classification Report is a much more useful document and importantly a more legible document.

Penetration sealing

Can firestopping be installed from one side of the wall with single side access only?

The answer as always is, if there is sufficient test evidence for the specific application installed from one side of the wall, then yes.