Craig Wells

Craig Wells

Sales Director

Meet Craig, our Sales Director, who explains the importance of understanding the requirements of our clients and the technical challenges they are facing and how we provide them with a satisfactory and compliant solution.


I joined Quelfire in 2012 from a family contracting business with a thirst for technical products and keen to make an impact on the safety of buildings and, ultimately, save lives.


My current role as Sales Director involves keeping the whole team aligned with ambitious targets whilst providing technical support and sales consultancy to prospects, influencers, and customers whether this be over the telephone or face to face both on and off site.

What he most enjoys about his job

I enjoy listening to clients who have technical challenges that, at times, seem surmountable and then being able to offer a tested and approved solution which removes the anxiety and concern.

His biggest challenges and how he overcomes them

One of the biggest challenges is trying to help people understand that just because they have always done something a certain way, it doesn’t make it right and suitable. Products must be installed as they are tested! In order to overcome this, I have to listen to their point of view, get back to the basics of what they are trying to achieve, and then demonstrate that the solution that we are suggesting is practically achievable. This gives them the peace of mind that, should the worst happen and there is a fire, they can rely on the system to perform adequately and protect people and property.

Favourite projects

I enjoyed the launch of the QuelCast Cast in Fire Collar to the market in early 2018, as this product and concept can save so many of the controversial situations that arise on site due to the complications of retrofitting products and lack of coordination between various trades. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate so much extra value, improved methods and performance, and provides great satisfaction when clients realise the benefits.

What he likes about working for Quelfire

There is a fantastic atmosphere at Quelfire. Whilst we have our lighter moments and some great fun, the full team without exception are all headed in the same direction, with an intent on exceeding targets whilst protecting people and property with quality solutions and providing exceptional customer service. It’s an honour to be part of it.

What he enjoys doing when not working

Out of hours most of my time is invested with my young family. We love walking in the great outdoors whether it be a forest, beach or canal and BBQ’d food is my favourite – whatever the season or weather!