About Quelfire

Quelfire is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tested firestopping solutions for service penetrations in buildings. What makes Quelfire stand out is the unwavering passion that everyone, from management to production, has for what we do: Protecting People & Property.

Our mission is to support all parties involved in the design and installation of service penetration seals, including architects, designers, main contractors, firestopping contractors, and other specialist trades from dry-lining contractors to mechanical and electrical contractors.

We are extremely dedicated to providing firestopping solutions for real-life scenarios and currently do at least one fire test per month, based on customer feedback and trends on the market.

To ensure that our service penetration seals are designed and installed as per the test evidence, we provide all parties involved in the process of designing and managing the installation of firestopping systems with training, tools, documentation, and extensive technical support.

We go above and beyond when educating the industry about the importance of passive fire protection and early engagement in firestopping, and use every platform available to us should it be panel discussions at exhibitions, CPD accredited webinars, or one-to-one consultations.

Our first-class customer service is a prime example of the core values that we have at Quelfire. Our team is friendly, honest, and reliable, and is always willing to help with any challenges faced in the industry.

We are a highly ethical company that works in partnership with our customers and are always willing to go the extra mile by helping our customers achieve compliant firestopping designs and installations.

Our support is based on our extensive library of tested details and complemented by expert technical support, tailored training opportunities, and outstanding customer service. We are Team Orange!

*We are aware that our everyday business has an impact on the environment and thus, we have a responsibility to implement sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint. Read our Sustainability Report.

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