How to use the Technical Information Collection Form (ICF)?

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When it comes to firestopping service penetrations, there are many variables, from different types of walls and floors, through different types of services to different fire ratings required. All of these variables make a difference in determining what is the most suitable firestopping installation detail for that particular application. So that we can provide you the most relevant tested detail, we need as much specific information from you as possible.

For example when it comes to a heating pipe, in addition to the size (diameter) of the pipe, the details of the substrate penetrated (material and dimensions of wall or floor) and the required fire rating, we would need to know the material of the pipe (copper, plastic or steel), whether it is insulated and the thickness of the insulation. We also need to know whether we are talking about a single penetration or a multi-service penetration.

To collect all this information in the most efficient and convenient way from you, we have designed the Quelfire Technical Information Collection Form (ICF). You can download it from below, complete it, and send it back to

(If you would like to browse, filter and find the most suitable detail yourself, you can use our Standard Installation Detail Library or download our QuelSelector tool.)

Please see a video guide below on how to use the ICF:


Download the Technical Information Collection Form (ICF)