At Quelfire, we promote a holistic approach to construction projects and believe that the most effective firestopping can be achieved by supporting all parties involved from design to installation, including designers, specifiers, project managers and everyone involved in the installation.

Building on the 40+ years of experience working with architects, designers, main contractors, firestopping and other specialist contractors, we have developed a range of value-added services and resources to facilitate the planning, design and management of installation of the most effective fire containment solutions.

At the heart of these services is our highly knowledgeable, friendly and approachable Technical Team. Whether you need a fast response to a question about a specific application – however uncommon or unusual –, or need generic advice on designing firestopping solutions, our team members are ready to get back to you with useful advice. You can reach the team though a variety of channels, including Live Chat, email ( and on the phone (0161 928 7308).

  • NBS Specifications. Quelfire’s product clauses are available in NBS (National Building Specification) format.
  • BIM Objects. Our core products are available as Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects ready for specification.
  • Downloadable documents. A range of product literature, including product information sheets, product certification and product safety information is available to download.
  • CPD Training. We offer CPD certified training on Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings as live (online) events and on an-demand basis. Product training and toolbox talk type training is also available on request.
  • Knowledge Hub. Our growing Knowledge Hub provides answers to commonly asked questions about firestopping terminology, specific details, installation and also about our services.
  • We also have an extensive library of drawings on various applications available upon request.