Adrian Wells

Adrian Wells

Product Development Manager

Meet Adrian, our Product Development Manager, who oversees the completion of fire testing programmes. Being a hands-on, practical member of Team Orange, this includes the design and building of the test through to installation.


I have a range of experience based on my time working for a family contracting and manufacturing business. This includes design, fabrication, mechanics, groundworks, construction and engineering in security, sports and recreational play sectors. I’ve always been passionate about creating machinery and devices that help make tasks more efficient, ultimately, producing a better-quality product or service for the customer.


My current role as Product Development Manager sees that I arrange fire testing programmes, from design to installation, and the construction of test rigs. I produce CAD drawings for test design and for details, to support these for the technical and sales team. I’m also involved in long-term projects for new products and concepts, helping to solve problems faced by the market.

What he enjoys most about his job

I enjoy seeing a fire test programme from design and CAD of the specimens, through to the installation of the test, and fire testing with successful results! I also enjoy working alongside Team Orange and all the team at Warringtonfire.

His biggest challenges and how he overcomes them

The challenge is fulfilling all the needs and testing every application found on the market, as there is always something extra that people want testing. But really, these can be seen as opportunities for Quelfire.

What he likes about working for Quelfire

My favourite thing is the atmosphere and team effort to get things done in order to be the best at what we do and offer.

What he enjoys doing when not working

Being in the great outdoors rain or shine, whether that is working in the garden or relaxing with my family in Wales or the Lake District.