Firestopping Products

Pipe & Duct Penetration Sealing

Fire Collars, Intumescent Pipe Wraps, Vent Duct Fire Sleeves and Complementary Products, such as Sealants.

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QuelStop Ablative Coated Mineral Wool Fire Batt

Electrical Service Penetration Sealing

Fire Batts, Fire Protection Compunds, Intumescent Acoustic Putty Pads and Sealants.

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Intufoam Intumescent Compressible Sponge Strips | Expansion Joint Fire Seal Installed between Concrete Slabs

Linear Joint & Gap Penetration Sealing

Ventilated & Non-Ventilated Cavity Barrier Systems, Including Expansion Joint Seals & Rainscreen Barriers.

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ATG Intumescent Fire Rated Air Transfer Grilles

Intumescent Air Transfer Grille Systems

Intumescent Air Transfer Grille Systems Suitable for Use in Door Sets, Compartment Walls, Air Ducts and Openings.

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QF1 Fire Protection Compound Installed in a Floor

LUL Approved Fire Protection Compounds

London Underground Approved Fire Protection Compounds.

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