2022: Year in Review

With 2022 drawing to a close, businesses have likely started to prepare for the year ahead. But to know where you’re heading, it’s important to take a look at where you have been.

This year we have embraced the ‘new’ normal, brought about by the pandemic, more so than ever.

During those two years, online content allowed us to connect with others from the comfort of our own homes.

Your usual in-person CPD and toolbox talk training took to online platforms and we saw content filmed in our own back gardens. We created a whole new meaning of adaptation.

This brings us to today where online and accessible information is still greatly utilized. Not just in the construction industry, but worldwide.

Of course, our ‘why’ has always been to share our knowledge and passion for Protecting People and Property. This is something at the heart of all decisions that we make.

But what was our goal for 2022? With an increase in the demand for tested solutions and accessible information, our goal this year has been to further support you through any changes that you may face, providing you with the best customer service and resources to ultimately, achieve building compliance.

Look back on 2022 with us

Exhibitions to R&D

In total we have exhibited at four industry shows between April-November: the Fire Safety Event, FIREX International, UK Construction Week, and London Build, hosting CPDs on Effective Passive Fire Protection and a panel discussion on firestopping compliance.

Educational messages have been at the forefront of all these exhibitions, showing how we can support everyone from design to installation by highlighting the importance of utilizing a manufacturer’s guidance and the tested solutions that are available.

And as you have probably heard many times before, early engagement and cross-party communication!

In April and May, at the Fire Safety Event and FIREX, we launched our exciting new tool: the QuelSelector. This tool essentially supports you in finding the most suitable solutions in less time. We could not have created this without your help and valued feedback!

Your feedback alone has really spurred us on this year. It has helped us to expand our testing and development programme, gaining primary test data for real-life scenarios and creating a scope of application for common, and even some less common, applications.

You ask, we answer…

Based on ‘you ask, we answer’, we’ve started to create more technical videos such as new tested detail releases, how-to videos, product spotlights, and much more. This has allowed us to start optimising our YouTube channel and uploading videos weekly.

We have even gotten all creative and developed a new Q&A series called ‘Burning Questions’. This features two very familiar faces – Alec Purdie (Technical Coordinator) and Glenn Hutchins (Business Development Manager). And not forgetting our first newsletter which includes all relevant information in one place. Hopefully, we’ve not kept you waiting for too long…

We’ve hosted many dedicated and online CPDs, and toolbox talk training sessions, as well as having some valued in-person meetings.

On a personal note…

The company is growing! Quelfire has seen the addition of three new employees – Rebecca, Cliff, and Caitlin – further strengthening the marketing, warehouse, and customer service teams.

There have been some great personal achievements this year with Alec and Malcolm Williams (Business Development Manager) passing their Level 3 IFE exams and winning ASFP awards for Best Customer Service of the Year, Training and Development of the Year, and the Academic Achievement Level 3 award. Watch our ASFP highlight video.

Quelfire has also won two awards at the London Construction Awards for Supplier of the Year and Fire Safety Solution of the Year.

From pizza days to BBQ packs to a mass collection of orange chocolate and sweets, we’ve also had some great fun.

2022 has been a big year for Quelfire – not only for our team but the wider construction industry who have worked with us. Thank you for making our favourite moments from this year possible, we could not have done it without your support.

2022: Year in Review

Rebecca Croton

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