Continuous Cut-to-Length Fire Wrap / Intumescent Pipe Wrap Roll

Quelfire Product tested to BS EN 1366-3: 2009 at Warringtonfire

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This product is CE Marked.

Continuous Intuwrap | QuelCoil | CE Marked

QuelCoil CE Marked Continuous Intuwrap is a universal intumescent pipe wrap used to maintain the fire rating of walls where they have been penetrated by plastic pipes and/or metallic pipes with combustible insulation. It can be cut to length on site.

Name: QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap


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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2 hour fire rating (EI120)
  • Supplied in a 25m coil and cut to length on site
  • No mechanical fixings required
  • Suitable for use in flexible walls and rigid walls
  • Suitable for PVC, HDPE and PP Pipes
  • Suitable for plastic pipes up to 160mm diameter
  • Suitable for use around metal pipes with insulation
  • Suitable for use around pipe insulation up to 50mm thick
  • Suitable for use in QuelStop Fire Batt
  • Performance unaffected by weathering (Type X Durability)

Product Information


  • 25 metre coil 2mm x 50mm

Sample Specification

Install CE Marked QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap to provide up to 2 hours fire protection to plastic pipes, and insulated pipes where they pass through fire rated walls. Installation to be fully in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

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Standards & Approvals

  • Tested to BS EN 1366-3:2009
  • Classified According to EN 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009
  • CE Marked
  • Type X Durability Testing

Performance Table

Plastic Pipe Diameter Number of QuelCoil Intuwrap layers required
≤ 50mm 1 layer 50mm x 2mm
51 – 75mm 2 layers 50mm x 2mm
76 – 110mm 3 layers 50mm x 2mm
111 – 160mm 6 layers 50mm x 2mm

Installation Information

The product is intended to be wrapped around the outside diameter of the combustible pipework or the outside diameter of the insulation. The tape supplied can be used to secure and hold the QuelCoil in place. Depending on the penetrating service, multiple layers of QuelCoil may be required. The number or layers and the positioning of the QuelCoil is detailed below.

Firstly, check that the pipe and the substrate are clean and clear of any debris. Install the correct number of layers of QuelCoil for the service type ensuring that it is flush to the wall face or flush to the face of the QuelStop Fire Batt.

The QuelCoil Intuwrap should be installed to both sides of the wall or, for applications with double layer or pattress fitted QuelStop Fire Batt, the QuelCoil should be within the thickness of each QuelStop Fire Batt.

Under fire conditions, the QuelCoil Intuwrap expands and fills the void left by the burnt plastic / insulation.

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