Continuous Cut-to-Length Fire Wrap / Intumescent Pipe Wrap Roll

Quelfire Product tested to BS EN 1366-3: 2009 at Warringtonfire

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This product is CE Marked.

Continuous Intuwrap | QuelCoil | CE Marked

QuelCoil CE Marked Continuous Intuwrap is a universal intumescent pipe wrap used to maintain the fi re rating of walls where they have been penetrated by plastic pipes and/or metallic pipes with combustible insulation. It can be cut to length on site.

Name: QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap


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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 2 hour fire rating (EI120)
  • Supplied in a 25m coil and cut to length on site
  • No mechanical fixings required
  • Suitable for use in flexible walls and rigid walls
  • Suitable for use in QuelStop Fire Batt System
  • Suitable for use with QF2 Fire Protection Compound in concrete floors
  • Suitable for PVC, HDPE and PP Pipes
  • Suitable for plastic pipes up to 160mm diameter
  • Suitable for use around metal pipes with insulation
  • Suitable for use around pipe insulation up to
  • 50mm thick
  • Performance unaffected by weathering (Type X Durability)
  • CE Marked

Product Information


QuelCoil Intuwrap is supplied as a 25 metre long roll of 50x2mm intumescent. Included in the individual box is a roll of self-adhesive fibre reinforced tape which is used to secure the wrap around the services.


  • 25 metre coil 2mm x 50mm
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Standards & Approvals

  • Tested to BS EN 1366-3:2009
  • CE Marked
  • Type X Durability Testing
  • Classified According to EN 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009

Performance Table

Plastic Pipe Diameter Number of QuelCoil Intuwrap layers required
≤ 50mm 1 layer 50mm x 2mm
51 – 75mm 2 layers 50mm x 2mm
76 – 110mm 3 layers 50mm x 2mm
76 – 110mm 3 layers 50mm x 2mm
Up to 50mm thick insulation
with up to 159mm diameter metallic pipes
2 layers 50mm x 2mm

Installation Information


The QuelCoil Intuwrap is a very universal product that is cut to length on site to suit the specific pipe diameter and material. It can be used around insulated non-combustible pipes, in which case 2 layers of QuelCoil are required around the insulation. QuelCoil can also be used directly around combustible plastic pipes, in which case the number of layers ranges between 1 and 6 layers and depends on the outside diameter of the plastic pipe.

QuelCoil Intuwrap can be installed directly into both solid masonry walls, fire rated plasterboard partition walls (where the specification of the wall and insulation is appropriate), QuelStop Fire Batt and QF2 Fire Protection Compound. The QuelCoil is simply wrapped around the services to achieve the correct number of layers, it can be cut to length with a sharp knife and then sealed with a self-adhesive fibre reinforced tape.

There must be no gap around the outside of the QuelCoil Intuwrap once installed so it is important to drill holes for services accurately taking into consideration the number of layers of QuelCoil required. For oversized holes in walls it will be necessary to install the QuelCoil in conjunction with the QuelStop Fire Batt system. Where holes in floors are incorrectly drilled oversize or larger square holes are left or formed then the hole will need shuttering and the whole penetration backfilling with QF2 Fire Protection Compound.

There must be no gap around the QuelCoil Intuwrap and the Intuwrap must be fitted flush with the underside of the concrete slab or fire seal and/or flush with the face of the wall or QuelStop Fire Batt.

Full installation details and step by step instructions are available to show the options.

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