Fire Protection Compound

Quelfire Product tested to BS EN 1366-3: 2009 at Warringtonfire

The Warringtonfire Logo is used by Quelfire Limited in the United Kingdom under licence from Warringtonfire and is evidence that the products denoted as ‘Tested by Warringtonfire’ were tested to BSEN 1366-3: 2009 in England between September 22nd 2015 and June 21st 2019.

Fire Protection Compound | QF2

QF2 Fire Protection Compound is intended for use as a gap filling material where cables, ducts or pipework services penetrate fire compartment floors and walls. QF2 Fire Protection Compound expands slightly on curing (1%), to form a rigid smoke and gas tight seal and is also suitable for use in load bearing situations. Subsequent to installation it will accept further services penetrating the barrier without damage.

Name: Fire Protection Compound


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Features & Benefits

  • Fire tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987, and the principles of EN 1366-3: 1993 & BSEN 1366-3: 2009
  • Up to 4 hour fire rating
  • Acoustic Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995
  • Up to 47dB reduction
  • Suitable for load bearing situations
  • Expands slightly on curing to form a rigid gas/smoke tight seal
  • The use of extensive shuttering is not necessary

Product Information


QF2 Fire Protection Compound is a non-combustible compound manufactured from lightweight aggregates, inorganic binders and gypsum cement.


QF2 Fire Protection Compound is expected to last the lifetime of the service installation.


One Square metre at 100mm thickness requires approx. 4 x 20kg sacks of QF2 Fire Protection Compound and will provide a loadbearing 4 hour rated fire seal. One square metre at 50mm thickness requires approx. 2 x 20kg sacks of QF2 and provides a 2 hour rated seal.

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Standards & Approvals

Building Regulations impose limitations on all services penetrating fire compartment walls and floors. QF2 Fire Protection Compound has been tested in accordance with the General Principles in BS 476: Part 20: 1987 in conjunction with the additional guide lines in the latest available draft document reference EN 1366-3: 1993 produced by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) relating to the fire resistance testing of penetration sealing systems. The tests were conducted on vertical and horizontal compartment walls and floors and indicated that it can provide fire resistance of up to four hours.

Installation Information

QF2 Fire Protection Compound may be used in all types of building and is compatible with most building materials. QF2 Firestop Compound is simply added to clean water either in a bucket or a concrete mixer, mixed and poured or trowelled into position.

The setting time for QF2 Firestopping Compound depends on the atmospheric temperature. It may be built up further within two or three hours where large barriers are required. Do not attempt to use a mix ratio of less than 2:1 mortar to water volume. Adding further water to the partially cured system must be avoided at all times as this will irreversibly interfere with the curing process.

For horizontal barriers it is recommended that MW Mineral Wool Shuttering Slabs are tightly fitted into the opening so that the QF2 Mortar may be poured on top of the slab to the required thickness. It is recommended that the mineral wool slab is not removed but remains in position as this offers an enhanced period of fire resistance.

Where the barrier is required to provide a load bearing capability consideration should be given to structural support, such as reinforcing bars. Consideration may also be given to the use of a permanent shuttering system. In all loadbearing situations mortar thickness must be at least 100mm.

Where the thickness of the seal is built up using multi layers, the structural strength of the seal may be reduced. It is therefore recommended particularly in load bearing situations that a maximum of 10% thickness is installed initially and the remaining thickness applied as a further single operation.

For vertical or wall barriers it is recommended that MW Mineral Wool Shuttering Slabs is installed as a tight fit into the aperture at the centre line of the fire compartment wall. QF2 Fire Protection Compound may then be ‘plastered’ to a minimum thickness of 25mm to each side of the slab.

Sample Specification

All gaps surrounding cables, ducts or pipework penetrating fire compartment floors or walls to be filled with QF2 Fire Protection Compound to a minimum depth of 50mm. Combustible services must be fitted with a suitable fire stop seal such as a QWW CE Marked Intuwrap or QWR CE Marked Fire Collar.

For installation in floors MW Mineral Wool Shuttering Slabs can be installed friction fitted around penetrating services as a shutter. QF2 Fire Protection Compound should be applied over the MW Mineral Wool Shuttering Slab to a minimum thickness of 50mm.

For installation in walls MW Mineral Wool Shuttering Slab  can be installed friction fitted around penetrating services. QF2 Fire Protection Compound should be applied to a minimum thickness of 25mm on each side of the MW Slab.

For a loadbearing seal the QF2 Fire Protection Compound must be applied to a minimum depth of 100mm.

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