Supporting main contractors from design through to the installation of a project

Working on multiple projects with complex responsibilities for health and safety, deadlines and budget, whilst coordinating between the client, designers, and subcontractors, we understand that main contractors prefer to work with trusted suppliers. By working with Quelfire, you cover all firestopping solutions required for a project from a single provider and get expert technical support from design through to installation.

We work seamlessly alongside organisations involved in a project, including architects, specifiers, property developers, and all subcontractors. This ensures a fully tested and compliant firestopping solution is reached.

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One of our main messages we strongly believe in is early engagement in firestopping. As a manufacturer and supplier of firestopping solutions, we want to be engaged as early as the design stage of a project so that we can support our customers when selecting relevant solutions.

We work in partnership with main contractors and all other parties including firestopping contractors. One way you can ‘help us to help you’ is to provide us with the appropriate information by filling out the Information Collection Form (ICF).

Since the Grenfell Tower fire, industry practices have come under hard scrutiny leading to regulation changes. As many organisations may feel apprehensive about new regulations coming into force, we hope to further educate the industry on the importance of cultural change and offer support and information to optimise internal processes.

What we offer:

Quality products

Annually, we invest a significant proportion into research and development; we currently do at least one fire test a month. By working closely with our customers and engaging with their feedback, including trends on the market, we provide the industry with primary test evidence.

Our core products are manufactured in our purpose-built premises in Sandbach, UK. The QuelStop Firestopping System is suitable for use with most common service penetrations and even some uncommon ones. It has been tested as a complete system which enables you to obtain all your firestopping requirements from one supplier.

Whether the procurement of firestopping systems is your direct responsibility or that of your subcontractors, we have got your requirements covered.

Expert technical support

We provide technical support from the early stages of design and throughout the installation process. We also work with architects, as well as subcontractors, to ensure the best solution is selected for each application. Also, to ensure that the installation of our firestopping system is in line with the test evidence.

We created the QuelSelector Tool to help customers navigate their way through our extensive library of tested details in less time.

In addition to our tested details, we provide other technical documentation to support design and specification. This includes NBS specifications, BIM models, tested detail drawings, product datasheets, and installation guides.



In addition to providing specific advice, we believe that educating everyone involved in the design, management, and installation of passive fire protection solutions is key to a compliant and smooth project delivery. That is why we offer a CPD presentation on Effective Passive Fire Protection for Service Penetrations in Buildings to raise awareness of the importance of early engagement, thus, ensuring compliant installations. The presentation is hosted by one of our fire containment specialists.

We also offer toolbox talk training or product installation training to not only educate on how to install firestopping products, but why they need to be installed as per the manufacturer’s guidance.


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