Helping architects design firestopping solutions

We believe that effective passive fire protection starts as early as the design stage. That is why we are committed to supporting architects, specifiers, technical managers, and BIM managers from the very beginning of each project with expert technical advice, training opportunities, and extra resources.



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What we offer:


As the Building Safety Act brings changes in regulations, education across all parties is vital. Our mission is to support all sectors within the construction industry in keeping up to date with regulations and knowing where to find the correct information.

We have an early engagement in firestopping approach, meaning we support firestopping requirements from design through to installation, in order to ensure a building is built around primary test evidence.

We offer CPD training for ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Service Penetrations in Buildings.’ The aim of the training session is to enable effective design and specification of complete passive fire protection systems and to raise awareness of the importance of early engagement. This can be offered virtually or as a dedicated session onsite.

We also offer toolbox talk training, or product installation training, which work to ensure compliant installations.

Technical support and resources

Our experienced fire containment specialists can provide you with expert technical advice on the specification and design of passive fire protection systems for pipe, duct, and electrical service penetrations, as well as linear gaps.

We have been working with some of the country’s most prestigious architects for over 40 years, helping them design firestopping solutions for even the most uncommon or unusual applications.

Our friendly and helpful technical team are always ready to get back to you with useful advice, should you need a response to a specific question or a generic overview of the solution.

To help us help you, we created the Information Collection Form (ICF) where you provide the specific details of your project requirements so that we can provide specific and relevant tested solutions in return.

We have also developed the QuelSelector Firestopping Solution Finder Tool with all our standard details readily available.


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