Teaming up with Firestopping Contractors to Provide Safe and Quality Project Installations

We understand that our customers that specialise in firestopping, are devoted to professional installation and do not compromise on quality. They take responsibility for the quality and safety of their work on each and every project they are involved in.

Our aim is to support firestopping contractors in this approach by building long term partnerships with them and providing them with the best quality products and associated services.

Our experienced and friendly technical support team is dedicated to provide advice on product details, installation and applications, including those that are unusual or not widely used.

To ensure a smooth and swift order process, we offer next day delivery, and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service.

We are also able to provide product training and generic training on service penetration and linear joint sealing upon request.

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Our core products have undergone rigorous testing as a complete system, which means you can avoid having to source different products from multiple suppliers.

The firestopping system brings together a number of new and existing products, including QuelStop Fire Batt, QuelStop CE-marked Intumescent Acrylic Sealant, QF2 Fire Protection Compound, QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant and QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap. The Quelfire system is also compatible with our other products, such as fire collars and fire sleeves. Learn more about the individual products: