Teaming up with firestopping contractors to ensure compliant project installations

We understand that our customers specialising in firestopping are devoted to professional installation and do not compromise on quality. They take responsibility for the quality and compliance of their work on each and every project they are involved in.

Our aim is to support firestopping contractors in this approach by building long-term relationships and providing quality products and associated services.

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What we offer:

Products and testing

Our products are a great source of pride for us at Quelfire. We invest a significant proportion of our annual investment into research and development, which currently allows us to do at least one fire test per month. We work closely with firestopping contractors and engage with feedback and trends on the market to ensure that the industry has primary test evidence over engineering judgements.

The QuelStop Firestopping System is the ideal solution for firestopping mechanical and electrical service penetrations as it has been tested in the most common, and even some less common, applications. The high-quality products are manufactured at our Sandbach premises, UK, and have undergone rigorous testing as a complete system. This enables you to source all your firestopping requirements directly from a single, trusted supplier. The core system is also compatible to use with other Quelfire products, such as fire collars and fire sleeves.


Technical support and resources

We have been working with firestopping contractors for over 40 years, supporting them in the quality and compliant installation of firestopping solutions.

Quelfire has an extensive library of tested details, therefore, our speedy and experienced technical support team is dedicated to advising on product details and providing product datasheets and installation guides.

To help customers navigate through our extensive library of tested details, we created the QuelSelector Firestopping Solution Finder Tool which essentially helps customers choose the best solution in less time.

This, along with our Information Collection Form (ICF), works to further support compliant installations.




We are extremely passionate about educating the industry and promoting cultural change; we wholeheartedly believe that competency is knowing what you don’t know and being prepared to ask for help.

Our early engagement in firestopping approach ensures that firestopping contractors are involved in a project as early as the design stage. If both the supplier and the firestopping contractor are engaged early, this guarantees that buildings are built around test evidence.

Our generic CPD training for ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Service Penetrations in Buildings’ raises awareness of early engagement.

We are also available to deliver toolbox talk training or product-specific installation training to ensure you are aware of the features and benefits of our solutions, again, ensuring compliant installations.

Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. Whether it is a last-minute order you need to place or ensuring you get the best value for your money, our team is always ready to go the extra mile.

Short lead times and speedy delivery

Quelfire holds large stocks of most products and can generally despatch goods the same day for next day delivery, either directly to site, to your offices, or another contractor’s premises.


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