Quelfire Promote the Firestopping Journey, From Design to Installation, at London Build Expo 2022

We have had a great two days exhibiting at London Build Expo, between the 16-17 November 2022, otherwise known as the ‘festival of construction’, the UK’s leading construction show.

Offering a unique experience with over 500 speakers across eight different stages, 350+ exhibitors and live product demos, London Build has yet again proved to be a successful show.

The theme of our built stand this year was to portray a journey. A journey that is essential with the ever-changing climate of the construction industry and one that is in line with regulations: firestopping compliance and how we can support all parties from design through to installation to achieve this.

There are two strands to the firestopping journey. One is to understand that both firestopping and building compliance are journeys. This is why competency and cross-party communication is key to understanding what is needed along the way to achieve ultimate building compliance.

The second strand is that for many people in the industry, this is a cultural change and as change has demonstrated many times before, it does not happen overnight. There are still attitudes which allude to leaving firestopping until the end for the installers to sort out.

The start of the journey features the early engagement process, CPD training and the QuelSelector tool through to the end of the journey which focusses on installations guides, toolbox talks and keeping up to date with us via our socials. Our overarching message is the utilisation of our tested solutions and the extensive technical support we offer.

This year we did something a little bit different by showcasing two examples of identical wall installations, one of them burnt. They essentially show a before and an after-fire scenario and how the correct firestopping products should work when installed in the correct way.

The Journey to Achieving Firestopping Compliance

On the first day of London Build, at the Fire Safety Stage, we hosted a panel discussion. Two of our own, Craig Wells, Sales Director, and Alec Purdie, Technical Coordinator, were joined by Mandy Youssef, Senior Fire Engineer at BB7 and Joshua Raper, Director at Fire Shield.

Since joining BB7, Mandy has worked on a wide range of impressive projects throughout the UK and has recently won the ‘Rising Star’ award at the Women in Fire Safety Awards in London.

Joshua Raper was appointed as Director of Fire Shield in January 2021 after spending the first six years working with clients to develop schemes at an early stage to ensure their Passive Fire Protection expectations were met.

The panel discussion, titled The Journey to Achieving Firestopping Compliance, focussed on the importance of early engagement in firestopping, designing a building around the tested solutions available and the changing legislation with emphasis on the Golden Thread.

Craig said: “We’re really grateful for the panellists that have joined us today to bring some perspective to the complexities of passive fire protection.

We’ve had some very thought-provoking discussions and some clear takeaways that our audience can implement into their responsibilities whatever their involvement might be with regards to protecting people and property.”

There was a strong theme across the panel discussions on the fire safety stage which drew on the need for change by focussing on early engagement, collaboration, trust, and competency.

Craig also said: “We’d also like to extend our thanks to the organisers of London Build 2022. Once again, it has proven to be a vibrant and diverse collaboration of professionals from across the construction industry.”

Although the show is over, the journey to achieving building compliance does not end here. This is something that we wholeheartedly believe in and has become one of our main messages when educating the industry.

Just as we look forward to our continued journey in educating the industry about the messages we find important in fire safety, we look forward to continuing the conversations we have had with industry professionals looking to start/ improve their firestopping journey!

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