Educating dryliners in compliant installations

We are aware that some dryliner companies are getting involved in firestopping, whereas others are staying exclusively as drywall installers, drylining contractors, partition drylining contractors, and plasterboard installers. Either way, we can educate both parties when it comes to passive fire protection and supporting firestopping contractors.




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What we offer:

Early engagement in firestopping

As part of our mission to educate the construction industry, we have an early engagement in firestopping approach. By all parties considering firestopping as early as the design stage, this supports work at the installation stage.

For dryliners, it is important they know why the wall system they are installing needs to be as per the manufacturer’s scope of application. For example, making sure letterboxes are the correct size and distance apart. Also, ensuring the right wall system is used and has the correct fire rating.


Technical support and resources

Our technical team provide extensive technical support from design through to installation.

We have readily available documentation such as downloadable installation guides, which can be accessed by anyone.

Our YouTube channel hosts a variety of useful videos. We have created a range of playlists to support and educate customers such as how-to videos, tested details, and product spotlights.


We offer CPD training on ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Service Penetrations in Buildings‘. The certified training raises awareness of the importance of early engagement and, therefore, helps to ensure compliant design and installations.

We also offer toolbox talk training, which is product-specific training that is highly beneficial to understanding the process of installing a product, but also why it needs to be installed correctly.

The QuelStop Firestopping System

The QuelStop Firestopping System is the ideal solution for firestopping mechanical and electrical service penetrations. This is because it has been tested in the most common, and even some less common, applications.

It has been tested as a complete system, meaning that the high-quality, individual products are compatible to use with each other. They are also suitable with other products we have here at Quelfire, such as fire collars and fire sleeves.


Excellent customer service

We take pride in the customer service we deliver. Whether it is ensuring you get the best value for your money or if you need to place a last-minute order, the Quelfire team is always ready to provide excellent customer service.

Short lead times and speedy delivery

We hold large stocks of most products and can usually despatch goods the same day for next day delivery. These can be delivered either directly to site, your offices, or another contractor’s premises.