What is fire protection compound? Product Information

Fire protection compound, otherwise known as firestop mortar, is a non-combustible compound. It is manufactured from lightweight, fire-resisting aggregates in organic binders and high-quality gypsum cements.

It is used as a gap-filling material where cables and pipework services pass through fire compartment walls and floors. Even after installation, the compound accepts further services which penetrate the barrier without damage.

Fire protection compound can be used to firestop a wide variety of things: mechanical and electrical service penetrations.

On site, it is mixed with water in the right proportion. It is mixed by slowly adding the dry powder to the water while continuously stirring either by hand or powder mixer to ensure a smooth, lump-free mix. It is then trowelled or poured into wall or floor penetrations.

How does fire protection compound work?

Like other firestopping products, it works to maintain the compartmentation of a building which, when done correctly, contains the fire to its area of origin for as long as possible.

Compartmentation allows occupants of a building to safely evacuate, increases the time fire and rescue services have to arrive and get the fire under control and limits the damage caused to the building.

As the fire protection compound cures, it slightly expands by 0.1% to form a load-bearing and fire-rated seal. This seal essentially works to prevent the passage of fire from affecting other areas of the building.

One important detail to note is that concrete cannot be used as a substitute. Whereas fire protection compound slightly expands upon curing, concrete shrinks and therefore, may not perform the same in a fire scenario.

Fire protection compounds can be used in conjunction with other firestopping products such as fire collars and fire wraps. This helps to further seal service penetrations, ensuring the compartmentation of the building.

Properties of fire protection compound

Compound has excellent fire-resistant properties and an excellent load-bearing performance in floor seals which gives it high compressive and flexural strength. This allows it to be installed at a variety of depths and is capable of being used on multiple floors.

Fire protection compound has versatile workability ranging from stiff to pourable consistency and can be fully set within two to three hours.

It has a good acoustic insulation performance, reducing sound travel from one room to the next.

As always, it is strongly advised that you check with the relevant manufacturer on their scope of application and the tested details that they have available. It is also recommended to utilise any guidance offered by the manufacturer on how to install the product, in this case, fire protection compound, compliantly.

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