What is a ‘Pipe closure device’? Passive Fire Protection terminology

A pipe closure device is a reactive device in varying sizes, to seal penetrations including associated pipe insulation.

A pipe closure device includes an elastomeric sealing ring with a threaded bore which tapers from an outer to an inner end of the sealing ring. A threaded plug having a tapered configuration from an outer to an inner end thereof is threadably receivable in the sealing ring whereby the sealing ring is expanded and engages the opening in sealing relation. The plug includes a multi-sided boss fixedly attached to and extending from its outer end. The sealing ring engages the opening when the plug is received in the bore thereof in a frictional engagement whereby the sealing ring resists rotation and axial sliding within the opening as the plug is axially advanced into the bore.

View Examples of Pipe Closure Devices

Some examples of our pipe closure devices are; QWR Intumescent Fire Collars, QWW Intuwraps, QuelCoil COntinuous Intumescent Pipe Wrap, QuelCast Cast In Fire Collars.