What product to use around plastic vent ducts? Penetration sealing

To firestop plastic vent ducts penetrating fire compartment walls, Quelfire generally recommends using Intumescent Fire Sleeves as it has got wider scope of tested applications, is simpler to install and is more cost-effective compared to fire collars. For retrospective firestopping, you may use Intumescent Fire Collars, however, it is important to confirm that relevant application is covered by testing.

For vertical ventilation ductwork (plastic vent duct penetrating fire-rated floor/ceiling), Quelfire’s tested solution is the Intumescent Fire Collar. Please check that your exact application is covered by testing.

You can read a longer post about the benefits of using Fire Sleeves and Collars around plastic vent ducts in this blog post.

Here are just some of the benefits –

  • More cost-effective
  • Wider scope of tested applications
  • Simple to install
  • ‘Foolproof’

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If you are unsure about the suitable product for your application, always consult our technical team before choosing your firestopping solution.