Can firestopping be installed from one side of the wall with single side access only? Firestopping FAQs

The answer as always is, if there is sufficient test evidence for the specific application installed from one side of the wall, then yes. Generally, firestop solutions are tested installed from both sides of the wall though.

It is often assumed that the plasterboard provides the fire resistance, when in fact it is the wall as a system – that means the stud and the board on both sides of the wall – that provides the overall fire rating. When these wall systems are penetrated by services they will, therefore, then require sealing on both sides.

If access is simply being refused by the client, then this is really not an acceptable excuse, not to use a standard tested detail requiring access from both sides. Ultimately, the responsibility of the installation and potential failure of the compartmentation in the event of a fire would lay solely with the authority that has denied the appropriate access.

If the wall has a framed and lined letterbox aperture however, then it may be possible to install a fire batt system from one side of the wall only, and still provide fire resistance from both sides.

Quelfire have carried out a series of tests utilising the QuelStop System on a limited number of common services installed from one side of the wall only, with satisfactory results.

It should be stressed however, that these details should only be considered when access to both sides is absolutely not possible and all other options have been exhausted, as there is clear evidence that installing in this way does have an adverse effect on performance.

A number of single side access only details are available to download from HERE. A step-by-step installation guide can be downloaded from HERE, and as always, the Quelfire Technical Team are on hand to assist with any questions you may have – SEND A TECHNICAL QUERY.

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