Can you really save time and money by using cast in fire collars?

Cast in device vs retro fit fire collar

Can you really save time and money by using cast in fire collars?

Designers and installers of passive fire protection solutions often come across the choice whether to use cast in fire collars or traditional retro-fit fire collars to firestop pipe (or even electrical service) penetrations.

While the use of traditional retrofit collars can be justified in certain cases, especially in retro situations, most of time, if planned precisely and in advance, cast in fire collars prove to be significantly more cost and time effective on new build development.

In this post, we are going to demonstrate this through a real-life example we have recently come across on a site visit.

Firstly, this is what the installation looked like:

The decision has been made to form recesses on all penetration points for where the pipe fittings / junctions need to be installed close to the soffit to save ceiling height.

Let’s see what steps had to be taken to firestop these pipe penetrations:

  1. Extensive shuttering to create a recess
  2. Holes need to be diamond drilled for the pipes
  3. Collars have to be mechanically fixed, this often involves working at height
  4. Because the holes drilled are oversized, a shutter and backfill with fire protection compound is required around the pipe

Because this involves so many steps, and the coordination of several contractors, it not only takes a long time and costs significant amount a money, but also leaves more room for error.

Now, let’s see what this would look like using cast in fire collars:

  1. The collars are cast in while concrete is poured forming an integral hole (and recess if manifold is used) No backfill, fixing or extra work is required.

And if there is a pipe fitting or junction to be installed close to the ceiling, a cast in collar with manifold (designed exactly for this scenario) can be used, as illustrated below.

Firestopping pipe penetration using retro fit fire collar:

Firestopping pipe penetration using cast in fire collar and manifold:


QuelCast CE Marked Cast In Fire Collar / Cast in Device Installed with Manifold on Bottom

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