Sharing our Expertise with Anyone Involved in Designing and Installing Penetration Sealing Solutions

The aim of the presentation is to enable more effective design and specification of complete passive fire protection systems and to raise awareness of the importance of early engagement thus ensuring compliant installations.

It also provides an overview of solutions available and what to look for to ensure suitability and compliance.

What does the presentation cover?

  • Why passive fire protection is so important
  • The critical issues faced
  • Awareness of the importance of early involvement and engagement thus ensuring compliant installations
  • Awareness of the solutions available
  • How not to install and why
  • Q&A session to dispel some myths and answer queries

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Who is the presentation for?

The presentation is for anyone involved in the design or management of installation of passive fire protection solutions.

The presentation is held by one of our fire containment specialists at your premises. We can provide the necessary equipment if required (i.e. projector, etc.). It typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes and is always tailored to the audience.

An allowance of up to £5 per head for refreshments will be reimbursed upon receipt of a valid invoice/receipt and we will also bring some of our famous Quelfire biscuits!

How to apply for a CPD presentation?

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