Supplying Concrete Frame Contractors with fully tailored Cast In Fire Collars

Selecting the concept of cast in fire collars to seal pipe (and cable) penetrations through concrete floors as opposed to creating service apertures using traditional methods gives invaluable benefits and saves considerable amount of installation time and cost for the overall project.

However, it also poses some challenges for RCF contractors. It is even more essential than in the case of traditional methods of pipe penetration sealing to ensure that requirements and resources for cast in fire collars into the concrete slabs are planned from the design stage of the project. It also requires an absolute precise positioning of the cast in devices.

That’s why Quelfire offers full technical support throughout the installation, as well tailoring the devices to individual requirements.


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Fully Tailored Ready to Use CE Marked Cast In Fire Collars

The QuelCast CE Marked Cast In Fire Collar has been designed at 250mm high to meet the requirements of the most common applications.

For applications where the floor slab depth is between 150 – 250mm, we offer a pre-cut service, and for applications with a floor slab depth greater than 250mm we manufacture an extension tube to suit the depth of the concrete slab, and can supply the cast in devices with the extension tubes attached. In both cases, the cast in collars will be ready to be used.


Comprehensive Technical Support Throughout the Installation of Cast in Devices

Our fire containment specialists provide concrete frame contractors with unlimited technical guidance from the earliest stage possible to ensure the cast in fire collars are installed correctly.

We can accommodate site visits and will keep supporting you during installation and help you overcome any on-site challenges.

Our products for RFC Contractors:

QuelCast CE Marked Cast In Fire Collar

QuelCast CE Marked Cast In Devices provide a simple solution to prevent the spread of fire through plastic pipes and cables where they penetrate concrete floors.

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