The Pillars of Integrity: Exploring Our Company Values

In today’s business landscape, companies must establish a strong set of values that guide their actions and shape their culture. One industry where company values play a vital role in ensuring safety and trust is the passive fire protection sector.

Firestopping manufacturers are primarily responsible for providing appropriately tested products. But products are only ever as good as the installation, so a responsible organisation will also ensure those purchasing, installing, and inspecting the products have access to the knowledge and tools to make great informed choices. Values are important because they directly impact the level of service offered to customers.

In this short article, we will delve into the core values that Quelfire embodies – consistency, reliability, honesty, and loyalty – and how they contribute to supporting you, our customers, and who we are as a company today.


Consistency helps to remove any uncertainty within the fire industry by ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality service penetration sealing solutions. We ensure that we remain consistent by using standardised processes, adhering to industry regulations and best practices, and maintaining a high level of quality control. But also, by providing excellent customer service and technical support. This ensures that you know exactly what to expect when working alongside us and have a level of stability and structure from the get-go.


When you have consistency, reliability is never far behind. It has become a value that lies at the heart of our company and, of course, is essential when it comes to fire safety. We help you with any challenges faced in the industry by welcoming your feedback and providing tested firestopping solutions for most service penetrations in buildings. This is so you don’t have to seek out engineering judgements. For example, if there is an application that appears a lot on site but has not been tested, we take this on board and include it in our next test programme.

What adds extra value to our products is the support we provide: extensive technical support, customer service, and training. For us, it’s not only about supplying the products but ensuring you have our full support to understand the why through to the how. This works towards compliant installations and, ultimately, buildings.

By prioritising reliability, we instil confidence in our customers and establish long-term relationships built on trust and peace of mind.


Honesty is the foundation of trust and integrity in any business, and the firestopping industry is no exception. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We value transparency in all interactions, from initial early engagement meetings to the material available on our website to ongoing communication during each stage of a project. For us, honesty involves providing accurate information, realistic timelines, and fair pricing.

However, it also means understanding our limitations and when we are not the right fit for your project and from this, knowing when to say no. This also applies to our products and their tested scope of application. If we don’t have a tested firestopping solution, then we won’t sell the product as this goes against our core message of Protecting People & Property.

Our commitment to honesty has created an open space for communication, encouraging you to share competencies, ask questions, and voice any doubts.


People are the core of our business and so, as mentioned previously, we like to establish enduring relationships. Our loyalty is demonstrated through a commitment to the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. We not only strive to meet your immediate needs but also ensure you have ongoing support from design through to the installation of our firestopping products and systems. This ensures that your fire safety needs are met and exceeded every step of the way. If you win, so do we.

In an industry where every detail matters and safety is paramount, making decisions based on company values has never been more important. Through consistency, reliability, honesty, and loyalty, we prioritise the safety of future residents of high-rise and multi-occupancy buildings, establish long-term relationships with our customers, deliver consistent results, and have built trust within the industry. This is what makes us Team Orange.

This article was written by Darryl Wells

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