QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant

QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant is a high expansion intumescent acrylic based graphite sealant used to provide a fire rated linear joint or gap seal and to maintain the fire rating of walls and floors where they have been penetrated by services.

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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 4 hour fire rating (EI240)
  • Suitable for use in flexible walls, rigid walls and floors
  • Suitable for use in QuelStop Fire Batts
  • Suitable for linear joints up to 20mm wide
  • Suitable for use around cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders
  • Suitable for use around plastic pipes, metallic pipes and insulated non-combustible pipes
  • Suitable for low movement joints and remains flexible
  • Shelf life: 18 months


  • Fire resistance testing to BS EN 1366-3:2009
  • Fire resistance testing to BS EN 1366-4: 2006
  • Classified to EN 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009


All surfaces must be clean and free of any bond breaking contamination prior to application of the sealant.

Mineral Wool (min 80kg/m3) or PE backing rod, where required, can be used as a backing material to ensure the correct depth of QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant is applied in order to to achieve the required performance.

The sealant should not be applied if the ambient temperature is below 5°C or above 40°C as the adhesion may be impaired.

The QueStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant should be installed to the correct annulus and depth depending on the penetrating services / material specification. The total annular space shoould be filled with compacted QuelStop HPE Sealant.

Once compacted, smooth off the QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant to produce a professional and neat finish.


QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant is expected to last the lifetime of the building.


  • 310ml cartridge (25 per box)

Sample Specification

Install QuelStop HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant to provide up to 4 hours fire protection to penetration services through wall and floors. Installation to be in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Technical Support & Guidance

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