QF1 Fire Protection Compound

Quelfire QF1 Fire Protection Compound is a London Underground approved, pre-mixed inorganic powder suitable for adding to water to produce a mortar which is intended for use as a gap filling material where cables, penetrate fire compartment floors and walls.

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Features & Benefits

· Approved for use on the London Underground
· London Underground Product ID: 2424
· Fire tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987
· Up to 4 hour fire rating
· The use of extensive shuttering is not necessary


Building Regulations impose limitations on all services penetrating fire compartment walls and floors.
Quelfire QF1 Fire Protection Compound has been tested in accordance with BS476: Part 20: 1987 The tests were conducted on a fire compartment wall containing two series of penetrations. heavy duty and lightweight electricity cables, held in galvanised mild
steel cable trays, and were pointed up in Quelfire QF1 Fire Protection Compound to a thickness of 160mm. Results demonstrated that the integrity and insulation valued of QF1 were retained for 4 hours.


Quelfire QF1 is a non-combustible compound manufactured from lightweight aggregates, inorganic binders and gypsum cement.


Quelfire QF1 Fire Protection Compound is expected to last the lifetime of the service installation.

Application / Installation

Quelfire QF1 may be used in all types of building and is compatible with most building materials. QF1 is simply added to clean water either in a bucket or a concrete mixer, mixed and poured or trowelled into position.

Quelfire QF1 Mortar is formulated to retain some flexibility on curing; it does not set hard like concrete or cement mortar. It is intended for use to seal gaps around electrical cables where this physical characteristic allows subsequent installation of additional cables without the need to use masonry drilling equipment. A screwdriver or similar tool can be used to form a hole through the seal; the new cable can then be threaded through and any residual gap filled with a further application of QF1 Fire Protection Compound.


One Square metre at 160mm thickness requires approx. 8 x 20kg sacks of Quelfire QF1 and will provide a 4 hour rated fire seal.

Technical Support & Guidance

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