Should plastic pipes with a diameter of below 40mm be firestopped? Penetration sealing

There is a long-standing myth in the construction industry that pipes smaller than 40mm don’t need firestopping where they penetrate fire compartment walls and floors. This is a wrong interpretation of the building regulations.

Approved Document B states:

“If a fire separating element is to be effective, every joint or imperfection of fit, or opening to allow services to pass through the element, should be adequately protected by sealing or firestopping so that the fire resistance of the element is not impaired.” Thus, provide a proprietary sealing system which has been shown by test to maintain the fire resistance of the wall, floor or cavity.

With years of fire testing experience, Quelfire know that additional fire stopping elements are required to maintain the fire rating of walls and floors no matter how small the penetrating service is. Therefore, a suitable firestop should be installed in addition to sealing a pipe (even is smaller than 40mm in diameter) penetrating a fire compartment wall or floor.

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Darryl Wells

This question was answered by Darryl Wells, our Commercial Director & Fire Containment Specialist

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