How much overlap is required for the mineral wool fire batt when pattress fitted? Penetration sealing

As a result of continuous investment in fire testing to BS EN1366, we have an extended scope of application for the QuelStop Fire Batt. When pattress fitted (face fixed) through flexible plasterboard partitions, it provides in excess of 2-hour fire rating, both integrity and insulation.

Some of these pattress fitted fire batt details have been tested and approved with just a 75mm overlap of the aperture, unlike many other fire batts available on the market, that require a bigger overlap. This means less fire batt needed for the same application, which helps saving costs.

The QuelStop Fire Batt is tested and compatible with many of our other products, including QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap, HPE Intumescent Graphite Sealant, QWR Pipe Collars and QRS Ventilation Ducting Fire Sleeves.

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