Should firestopping systems be installed by third-party contractors? Firestopping FAQs

It is not required by law for firestopping products to be installed by contractors with third-party certification.

However, having acquired third-party accreditation means that the contractor has gone through an audit and their staff has received relevant training. This could be an indication that they are more qualified for installing firestopping solutions. The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) only recommends third-party installer certifications schemes that have been accredited by UKAS.

We believe that relevant experience and references, as well as specialist skills and expertise in the field of installing firestopping solutions are even stronger guarantees for a safe and compliant installation. Always look for contractors that use quality, third-party certified firestopping products and work closely with the manufacturers to ensure the installation is in line with their guidelines and test evidence.

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