Does your test data cover other manufacturer’s plasterboard wall constructions? Tested Detail Queries

Yes, as long as the wall construction is:

  • Classified in accordance with EN 13501-2
  • Have an overall thickness not less than the minimum thickness of the range given in the test evidence. This rule does not apply pipe closure devices that are positioned within the supporting construction unless the length of the seal is increased by an equal amount and the distance from the surface of the supporting construction stays the same both sides.
  • The aperture frame and aperture lining shall be made of studs and boards of the same specification as those used in the wall in practice. The thickness of the aperture lining shall be a minimum 12.5mm thick.
  • An aperture framing is considered as being part of the penetration seal. Tests without an aperture framing cover applications with aperture framing but not vice versa.
  • The number of board layers and the overall board thickness is equal or greater than that tested when no aperture framing is used.
  • Flexible walls with timber studs are constructed with at least the same number of layers, no part of the penetration seal is closer to 100mm to a timber stud, the cavity is closed between the penetration seal and the timber stud and 100mm of insulation of class A1 or A2 according to EN 13501-1 is provided within the cavity between the penetration seal and the timber stud.
  • The standard flexible wall construction does not cover sandwich panel constructions and flexible walls where the lining does not cover the studs on both sides. Penetrations in such constructions shall need to be tested on a case-by-case basis.

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