The Benefits of Using Specwall

Specwall is an advanced wall system designed for both interior and exterior applications. This innovative wall system has insulation, acoustic, and fire-resistance properties, all within lightweight A1 – and A2-rated panels. Engineered to precision and manufactured in a factory environment, Specwall is a versatile solution applicable to all buildings. It serves as an alternative to traditional building methods such as blockwork, SFS (Steel Frame System), drylining/ plasterboard systems, risers (both dry and smoke), lift shafts, concrete cores and stairwells, and bathroom pods.

What are the main benefits of using Specwall? 

Using Specwall on construction projects provides many benefits! Firstly, it reduces the need for manual labour. Because it is easy to install, the hours needed to install the product are reduced. In a study conducted by Time and Motion on previous projects, Specwall has demonstrated that it can cut installation labour hours by more than 55% when used as a substitute for traditional blockwork or SFS. Similarly, Specwall also helps save time on site by meeting a wide range of requirements and scenarios, reducing project timelines.

When replacing conventional blockwork and SFS plasterboard systems with Specwall, you can expect significant cost savings on your project. This is due to its rapid installation, lasting strength, and adaptability.

Furthermore, unlike other traditional systems, it is water-resistant, making it durable against mould-related damage. Therefore, Specwall panels can be installed at any point in the construction process without any adverse effects: from the initial structural phase, even before the building is weatherproof, through to the final stages.

Finally, Specwall is an environmentally friendly wall system that is modular and prefabricated off-site, arriving as a complete package. This approach minimises waste, and all components are recyclable.

Quelfire, in conjunction with Specwall 

At Quelfire, we constantly update our library of tested solutions for service penetrations, including traditional fire-rated plasterboard partition systems. We teamed up with Specwall to test their wall system and provide primary test data for the construction industry.

If you use Specwall on your projects, we are happy to announce that we now have several tested details for service penetrations through Specwall, including plastic and metal socket boxes and pipes, cables, and blank seals.

Specwall is a great new wall system with full fire test evidence for service penetrations. View our complete list of tested details. 

For further information about Specwall, please email, and as usual, you can email with any questions regarding the relevant tested details.

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