What is the BS EN 1366-3:2009 test standard? Passive Fire Protection terminology

The BS EN 1366-3:2009 test standard is the Fire Resistant tests for service installations.

Penetration Seals – BS EN 1366-3 specifies a method of test and criteria for the evaluation (including field of application rules) of the ability of a penetration seal to maintain the fire resistance of a separating element at the position at which it has been penetrated by a service.

The purpose of BS EN 1366-3 is to assess:

  • The effect of such penetrations on the integrity and insulation performance of the separating element concerned
  • The integrity and insulation performance of the penetration seal
  • The insulation performance of the penetrating service or services, and where necessary, the integrity failure of a service.

The BS EN 1366-3 test is not intended to supply any information on the ability of the penetration seal to withstand stress caused by any movements or displacements of the penetrating services. Another scenario that cannot be assessed with this test is the risk of spread of fire downwards caused by burning material, which drips through a pipe downwards to floors below.

As a manufacturer, this is the standard Quelfire follow when fire testing our service penetration systems. The Full standard can be purchased on the BSI Online Shop.

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