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Intumescent Fire Pillow | PS

PS Intumescent Firestop Pillows prevent the spread of fire where cables and other non-combustible services penetrate fire compartment walls and floors.

Name: Intumescent Fire Pillow


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Features & Benefits

  • Tested to BS 476: Part 20 & BSEN 1366-3: 2009
  • Up to 4 hour fire rating
  • Suitable for floors and walls
  • Easy to install and remove when changing services

Product Information


The PS Intumescent Fire Pillows consist of sealed fabric pillow filled with a high expansion intumescent material. When subjected to heat the intumescent material reacts producing a barrier of carbonaceous char or foam which provides an effective insulating plug which provides an effective seal against flames and hot gases.


PS Intumescent Firestop Pillows are expected to last the lifetime of the service installation. PS Intumescent Fire Pillows are not affected by water attack.

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Standards & Approvals

Building Regulations impose limitations on all services passing through fire compartment walls and floors. PS Intumescent Fire Pillows prevent the spread of fire where cables and other non-combustible services penetrate fire compartment walls and floors. They have been tested according to BS 476: Part 20 & EN1366-3 and provided up to 4 hours fire integrity and 2 hours insulation.

Performance Table

Product Code Size (mm) Approximate No. for 1m² Opening
PS750 300 x 200 x 35 165
PS450 300 x 150 x 35 220
PS300 300 x 100 x 35 330
PS150 300 x 50 x 35 660

Installation Information

PS Intumescent Fire Pillows are particularly useful during the installation of communication and data cables which are subject to alteration during construction. PS Intumescent Firestop Pillows are placed in position by hand one layer at a time. Joints should be staggered between each layer and overlap a minimum of 25mm.

Wall Penetration

Before inserting the PS Intumescent Fire Pillows into the opening, place each one onto a flat surface and compress by hand until the contents are evenly distributed. When installing they should be packed tightly into the opening, and positioned horizontally or vertically with the joints staggered. It may be advantageous to use pillows of different size to achieve a tight seal. For small spaces fold or roll a pillow lengthwise before inserting. Where a cable tray is used it is recommended that one layer of pillows is placed beneath the cables to achieve a tight fit with the pillows above the cables. Occasionally, where it is difficult to insert the last layer of pillows at the top of a penetration, the problem can be solved by first placing the pillows between two thin strips of metal or plastic. The package is then pushed into the opening and the strips finally removed.

Floor & Ceiling Penetration

To install PS Intumescent Fire Pillows in a floor or ceiling opening it is necessary to use a restraining wire tray. These can be fitted either from above using a basket type construction or from below using a flat tray. A corresponding cover flat wire tray is fitted over the top to protect the pillows from unauthorised removal or damage. The trays should overlap the penetration opening by a minimum of 150mm on all sides and be secured by steel expansion bolts and washers. The pillows should be positioned within the tray in two layers with the second layer overlapping the first layer on all edges. Additionally where required, pillows can also be positioned upright around the cables.

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