Tiffany Hemmings

Tiffany Hemmings

Accounts Receivable Team Leader

Meet Tiffany, our Accounts Receivable Team Leader, who talks about the responsibility of collecting outstanding invoices at Quelfire.


I joined Quelfire in the summer of 2018 after finishing my studies. Having previously completed work experience in the construction industry, I discovered how rewarding and fulfilling it can be to work on improving the customer experience, thus, my three years as Customer Service Team Leader began. My role within Quelfire changed a little over time, where I now work part time as Accounts Receivable Team Leader.


As the Accounts Receivable Team Leader, I am responsible for effective collection of outstanding invoices and ensuring the accounts receivable process runs smoothly. This would involve answering any customer queries along the way, and making sure they are completed accurately and on time.

What the biggest challenges in her role are and how she overcomes them

I need to be ‘on top of the game’ in optimising cash flow for the company – this is through follow up of outstanding invoices and ensuring timely payments. Involved in this is problem solving, identifying and resolving issues related to accounts receivable, and prioritising tasks to complete in a timely manner.

What she likes about working for Quelfire

Quelfire’s culture is refreshingly cheerful and empowers exceptional teamwork. I also really enjoy a good challenge and doing the very best I can for customers and the team!

What she enjoys doing when not working

Off the job, you’ll typically find me enjoying the outdoors, pursing my passion for photography, or spending time with family and friends.