QRS CE Marked Intumescent Fire Sleeves

Quelfire QRS CE Marked Intumescent Vent Duct Fire Sleeves prevent the spread of fire where plastic pipes or plastic ducts penetrate fire compartment walls.

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Features & Benefits

· CE Marked
· Tested to BSEN 1366-3: 2009
· Tested with Uncapped/Uncapped (U/U) duct configurations as required for ventilation ducts
· Up to 2 hour fire rating
· Suitable for masonry walls or plasterboard partitions
· Suitable for insulated and non-insulated partitions
· Can be retrofitted
· No mechanical fixings required
· Robust galvanised steel shell
· Performance unaffected by weathering (Type X Durability)


Building Regulations impose limitations on all pipes passing through fire compartment walls and floors. Quelfire QRS Intumescent Fire Sleeves allow plastic ducts to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. Quelfire QRS Intumescent Fire Sleeves have been tested according to BSEN 1366-3: 2009 where various plastic duct sizes have met insulation and integrity criteria for this standard for up to 2 hours.



The Quelfire QRS Intumescent Fire Sleeves consist of a flexible galvanised steel shell containing graphite based intumescent material. They are manufactured to suit flat ducts of 110x54mm, 205x60mm, and 220x90mm. And round ducts with 75mm, 100mm
and 125mm overall diameter.


Tested to Type X durability which means the QRS Fire Sleeves can be installed in conditions exposed to weathering. Quelfire QRS CE Marked Fire Sleeves are expected to last the lifetime of the building.

Application / Installation

The Quelfire QRS Intumescent Fire Sleeve should be placed around the ventilation duct, positioned centrally within the partition and should be flush or protrude from each face of the wall. The plasterboard should be cut to a tight fit around the Quelfire QRS Intumescent Fire Sleeve, and any gaps should be sealed with the Quelfire GM Intumescent Acoustic Sealant.

Technical Support & Guidance

Should you require any further information regarding this product, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.


Product CodeDuct size (mm)Space needed around duct to fit QRS (mm)Recommended aperture (mm)QRS lengthFire Rating
QRS110/54110 x 549130 x 73140120 minutes
QRS205/60204 x 609225 x 80180120 minutes
QRS220/90220 x 9018256 x 126140120 minutes
QRS7575mm semi rigid1087140120 minutes
QRS110*10010130180120 minutes
QRS130*1252017018090 minutes
*QRS130 and QRS110 are not currently CE Marked