Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler

Quelfire Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler provides a means of fire stopping gaps in compartment floors and walls. It is particularly useful in uneven shaped joints where pre-formed materials cannot easily be installed.

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Features & Benefits

• Tested to EN 1366-4, EN 13501: Part 2: 2007
• Up to 4 hour fire rating
• Suitable for gaps up to 30mm
• Easy and quick to install
• Supplied in 750ml canisters


Building Regulations impose limitations on all linear gaps penetrating fire compartment walls and floors. Quelfire Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler allows these gaps to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. Quelfire Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler has been tested according to EN 1366-4, EN 13501: Pt 2 : 2007 where gaps of up to 30mm have met insulation and integrity criteria for this standard for up to four hours.


Quelfire Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler is a modified, single component, fire rated, grey polyurethane foam.

Application / Installation

• The surfaces must be dry, solid and stable.

• All loose particles, dust and grease must be removed.

• The substrate can be moistened to achieve a speedier cure if required.

• Shake the canister vigorously at least 20 times.

Leaving the cap on the can screw the nozzle firmly into the connector on the top of the trigger.

• Remove the safety catch and pull the trigger to activate the can. Fill approximately half of the required depth of the cavity because the foam will expand.

• On horizontal surfaces always work away from the exuding bead and work upwards on all vertical surfaces.

• The foam will set in approximately 1 hour (depending on temperature and humidity) then any excess can be trimmed with a sharp blade.


Quelfire Fire Resistant Expanding Foam Filler will not adhere to Teflon, polyethylene or silicone surfaces. The cured foam is adversely affected by UV light and should be covered with a suitable sealant such as Quelfire GM Intumescent Sealant.

Technical Support & Guidance

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