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Intumescent Tape | WR

WR Intumescent Tape provides fire protection to cavities in situations where the cavity needs to be ventilated allowing air flow in normal circumstances but closing to give a fire resistant barrier in fire conditions.

Name: Intumescent Tape


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Features & Benefits

  • Tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987
  • Up to 2.5 hour fire rating
  • Allows cavity to be ventilated and allow air flow in normal circumstances
  • Quick & easy to install

Product Information


WR Intumescent is a graphite based intumescent material. Its fire performance is not affected by the presence of atmospheric moisture or condensation. It is available in two sizes: – 60mm x 4mm and 30mm x 2mm. It is supplied with self-adhesive tape for ease of fixing, subject to satisfactory substrate. Where required: mechanical fixing using staples, nails, screws or proprietary moisture resistant building adhesives may also be used. When subjected to heat the intumescent material reacts producing a barrier of carbonaceous char or foam therefore stopping the fire from passing along or up the cavity.


WR Intumescent Tape is expected to last the lifetime of the service installation. WR Intumescent Tape is not affected by water attack.

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Standards & Approvals

Building Regulations require cavities to be stopped every 20 metres and when in line of a compartment floor or wall. In addition to this, there is often a requirement to provide through ventilation to the entire cavity. WR Intumescent Tape meets both requirements as it only occupies a minimal proportion of the cavity for its normal function, expanding to fill the cavity in the event of fire. There are no published standards for fire testing of fire resistant cavities but WR Intumescent Tape has been tested according to BS 467: Part 20: 1987 and met fire resistance requirements for up to two and a half hours.

Performance Table

Product Code WR Intumescent Tape Size (mm) Supplied Lengths Maximum Cavity Size Fire Rating
WR2/30/50 2 x 30 50m Rolls 20mm 2.5 Hours
WR4/60/1 4 x 60 1m lengths 50mm 1.5 Hours

Installation Information

WR Intumescent Tape may be simply applied to a suitable surface in line with a compartment floor or wall. Due to changing temperatures and humidity which could affect the long term performance of the self-adhesive or nature of the substrate. Therefore, the WR tape must be mechanical fixed with a steel non-combustible fixing with a 10mm diameter head at maximum 300mm centres. The size of WR Intumescent Tape required depends on the width of the cavity and fire resistance requirements. See the table below.

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